Anxiety: feeling nervous, worried or on edge

Anxiety is a common response that most people experience when they face situations or problems that present a threat of some kind. Although these feelings are unpleasant, they exist for a purpose. Worry, fear and anxiety can in some circumstance be helpful. For example;

  • Mentally – they keep us alert and give us the motivation to plan and to deal with problems
  • Physically – they prepare our body for sudden, strenuous exercise, to run away from danger or to attack it – the ‘fight or flight’ response.

These feelings become a problem when they are too strong, or when they carry on even when we do not need them anymore. They can make you uncomfortable, stop you from doing the things you want to – and can generally make life difficult.

Some of the symptoms people experience are feeling worried, tired, and unable to concentrate, being irritable, sleep disturbance. There are also a number of common physical reactions such as palpitations, muscle tension, breathing fast, faintness and trembling.

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